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You gain access to all scripts on our private practitioners web site, also includes complete audio demonstrations and explanations of the scripts and session

Cmpetition - Regression Healing Course




Advanced QHHT.RH facilitator Chris Turner shares his own method of Regression Healing - When it comes to healing, there are very few modalities that actually include the potential of “Spontaneous Remission” for almost any ailment known to man. In a time when the physicians can’t even figure out these new ailments this method is needed more than ever, simply because Regression Healing facilitates the potential to remove any ailment, mental or physical, from any receptive client very effectively and in my experience, often times it is profoundly miraculous. Regression Healing can also bring a greater understanding for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of their Souls journey and why things are the way they are in this current life-time - Chris

~ Learn Regression Healing ~

A Complete Past Life Regression Guide

No knowledge of hypnosis required

All Scripts provided

Includes Audio Demonstrations

Very easy to implement

Fully Downloadable Study/Practice

Please read all instructions below if you wish to learn Regression Healing

Learn hypnosis via Regression Healing™.
With both study and practice, you will learn quickly and easily, exactly how Past Life Regression (PLR) works and gain a greater understanding as to why it works.



>> Past Life Regression

Working with Source Intelligence/The Light - Spiritual Guidance -




  1. Dedication. This is very important! Some sessions can be quite challenging but 98% are easy and often great fun. Those who embark on this incredible journey in a professional manner may be tested by the Source itself so we must be up for the random challenge every now and then, this is because many are living challenging lives.
  2. You must have a pure intention and be willing to facilitate healing and or enlightenment for others, this method will not work if we intend to use it for the wrong reasons. The Source knows us better than we know ourselves

If you feel you have some or all of the criterion above then I look forward to you joining our fast growing team of dedicated Regression Healing Facilitators.

I wish you all the greatest success in all of your Regression Healing sessions - Chris

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