Learn more about Regression Healing in a Guided Meditation...

A Guided Meditation




   1. Make a list of 3 (minimum) to 10 important questions (they must be your own personal questions and not those of your friends or partner! - With a list of questions you can get the answers to absolutely anything and see what you really need to see)

   2. Make a list of ailments that you wish to heal. -    
   3. Make sure you have 4-7 hours spare for QHHT and 4-6 hours spare for Regression Healing.

   4. (Optional) - Download 3 Free Dream State Brain Training mp3’s.

   5. (Optional) - Purchase a copy of Chris’ very successful Regression Healing  A Guided Meditation. (A very powerful prequel to any Regression Healing or QHHT Session)

For Skype Sessions you will require

   1. An external, non Wi-Fi microphone for a Laptop or Desktop Computer.

   2. A “NON” Wi-Fi connection (you must have a wiredRJ45connection to the internet)

   3. You will require Skype for free Internet calls.