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Miracles are Very real. When the Intention is Pure, Magic Happens… You’ll see. Commune with  Angels And Guides Experience the energy When Communing With Source Intelligence or  Higher Dimensional Beings. Quantum Healing Centre

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Visit the Ancient Past, A Parallel Universe, Even the distant Future Learn the true power of the Word Take   Anyone into Profound And  meaningful Life-Times Access The Akashic Records

What is Regression Healing™?

Regression Healing™ (RH) can be seen and experienced as a profound, safe, quite advanced, yet simple to learn form of Past Life Regression (PLR) and Life between Lives (LBL) progression hypnosis. Regression Healing is designed to be easily implemented, RH can blend seamlessly into many other healing modalities and is very effective in addressing pretty much any ailment and or answering any question for a client, patient, or loved one.

(Please read the Note below about healing)

Regression Healing™ (RH) is fully downloadable, with both English and German script’s available with English Audio Demonstrations, there are absolutely no obligations. You learn in your own good time as you Study/contemplate the scripts and with practice, The RH Script’s form literally, an easy to follow, complete and concise “walk through” from the start of a session to the end, the script’s will enable you to take virtually anyone into a past life and the realm of Spirit, everything you need is there for you to download, listen to, and recite from beginning of a session, to the end. You will receive all of the script’s required to successfully take anyone into a meaningful past lifetime and beyond.

With Regression Healing™ you will learn how to:

  1. Assist clients with practically any ailment for any type of client, even a remote client (Pets included) - Please read the “Note” below about healing if you have not already.
  2. Compliment and enhance your QHHT practice.
  3. Conduct RH™ or QHHT Sessions Online Safely (using Skype or similar software)
  4. Guide anyone into a profound past/simultaneous/future lifetime that will also enhance well-being and understanding. (PLR)
  5. Access the Light within for a deeper level of Healing and or understanding. (LBL)
  6. Access the Akashic Records or the Light for information and a greater understanding. (LBL)
  7. Facilitate access to a clients Soul History, Guides, dearly departed and Angels (LBL)
  8. Navigate any client into the Spirit (Heavenly) realm (LBL)
  9. Work around the dreaded silence after asking to speak to the Subconscious (SC) during a QHHT session.

Past Life Regression: If it is appropriate, a client can find the original cause of any ailment and heal the effect it is having on a clients current lifetime, we also gain an understanding of how ailments can be transmitted form one lifetime to the next. we access past lives and gain a profound understanding and many insights into our current life situation and why things are the way they are. During a session clients are guided to an appropriate life or life times which will profoundly assist them in their life now.

The Akashic Records: Using Regression Healing we can access both Both Source Intelligence (The Light) and the Akashic Records. With RH, we access the Infinite Wisdom of Source within for a clients mental and physical well-being, and or understanding, even curiosity has very profound results. It is from the infinite wisdom of Source Intelligence that we can gain access to all of the answers to a clients questions. Source can, and does show us the information we need to see in many different ways (metaphors) and although one can go into a session with the intention of accessing Akasha, there is really no need as the client gets all of their questions answered by Source. Going through Source insures we have both, the correct questions and the most relevant and meaningful answers.

Reiki Empowerments: Very powerful Reiki or Healing empowerment's can be facilitated, clients hands became hot during and after a session, my clients also manifested the ability to transmit Chi energy to another person remotely - A direct connection to the healing energy of Source Intelligence (the Light) can be spontaneously and instantly established for any Healer. During a number of sessions my clients said their hands become very hot. This empowerment from Source was completely spontaneous, this has happened to 3 out of 3 Reiki practitioners during sessions.

The Light: Regression Healing™ stays with a tradition that has been going on since life began, at the end of every lifetime we get to go Home, into the great Light that seems to be magnetic to all Souls leaving the physical realm. I include the protocols to access this beautiful, divine, heavenly place and in every Regression Healing session, it feels as if we bring Heaven to Earth. The Light, or Source Intelligence, instigates our whole life and as such it has the answer to absolutely any Life or Spiritual question if it is relevant to know, Source Intelligence knows all outcomes of the past, future and present simultaneously so it’s the best force to work with that we know and it cannot make mistakes. The Light is always willing to work with anyone with a pure intention to assist others and that is the only requirement needed to be successful using this method. - Whilst the Client is in the Realm of Light, both client and practitioner may feel their frequency start to raise with the energy associated with the Light and start to feel really really good, it seems not to matter how far away our clients may be. Sessions often become a very magical experience for both client and facilitator.

Meeting your Guides or Guardian Angels - RH can also be used to meet our Guides or Guardian Angels and acquire profoundly and very meaningful answers from them.

Remote Healing: Regression Healing also allows very powerful Remote Healing where the friend/client/patient/pet doesn’t even need to be in the room to be assisted.

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Note that it is not always appropriate to facilitate full respite in a client, although rare, some people have chosen to experience certain ailments during this life-time. However, facilitating the removal of discomfort, always seems to be appropriate - We must remember that it is our impartial Soul that has accepted and entered this lifetime, not our minds, which have only been here since birth.

Regression Healing™ (RH) has assisted myself and many QHHT practitioners, it has saved them from the dreaded silence after asking to speak to their clients Subconscious (SC) - When we practice QHHT, Regression Healing™ gives us something to fall back on when the SC does not come through. I am fully aware that despite having completed the obligations of learning QHHT, there are still many QHHT practitioners that fail to access their clients SC - This work around has worked for Level 2 QHHT practitioners and also teaches, what aspects of hypnosis we need to focus on to achieve success in every session.

I myself was successful in accessing my clients SC in 98% of my QHHT sessions, there were also a few that taught me that there are other, more wondrous things we can do and other, incredibly beautiful, things we can see when we are on our inner journey. I witnessed this first -hand myself but when my clients started to… Wow! Thank you Source, was all I could think ~ Chris  (Back to Top)