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If you are in doubt we are only too happy to help - If you are wondering about how we conduct a session or whether you’ll actually get something relevant from either a QHHT or RH Session, to make things much easier for both practitioner and client/patient we recommend you first prepare yourself by purchasing the Regression Healing - Guided Meditation audio downloads (Link below) - If you buy this audio prior to having a session, the price of the audio will be deducted from the total cost of your session, you must notify info@quantumhealingcentre.co.uk of your intentions and we will be only too happy to help.


All Terms, Conditions and Codes of Conduct below apply during all QHHT and Regression Healing sessions.

Section a) We guarantee a full refund

  1. if “we” are satisfied that you got nothing (ie. You describe nothing at all during your time in session)
  2. if we are satisfied that you fully cooperated with the RH Facilitator. (Cooperating. Listening, trusting and being open to the guidance of the Facilitator is essential for a successful session)
  3. If we are satisfied that the RH Facilitator did not conduct the session in a professional or proper manner

Section b) Codes of Conduct

  1. All Regression Healing Facilitators should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Regression Healing profession by following the code of professional ethics.
  2. Above all we are here to assist a) those in need of answers to Life and Spiritual direction questions, b) Those is need of healing long term ailments, c) Those who wish to know who or what they were in a past, simultaneous or future lifetime and d) Those who have had an experience with ET’s, Angels or higher dimensional beings and wish to find more answers about the experience.
  3. If any client/patient demonstrates that they are prone to strong emotions such as; anger, violence (mental, verbal or physical), ignorance and or arrogance and does not prove to be of open and sound mind during the session, the session shall be immediately terminated and In such cases both “Time wasting” and or “scamming” may be called into question depending on the evidence and circumstances. The client/patient will be charged the consultation fee if the client/patient has wasted over 2 hours.
  4. All matters between the client and RH Facilitator shall be confidential, no third party shall have access to information given to the Facilitator by the client/patient. Exceptions a) When client/patient has granted permission in writing to divulge private information - b) Where life is at risk by withholding private information, c) By force of law
  5. Prior to entering into any professional relationship, the Facilitator shall disclose to the client/patient the nature of the technique, the purpose of the technique, the anticipated length of the session and the potential cost. No service will be provided until an informed consent is secured from client/patient
  6. Facilitators shall terminate his/her relationship with a client/Patient when the client can no longer benefit from the continued service and shall not provide service if the Facilitator does not have good faith/belief that the client/patient will benefit, either during the session or after the session has ended
  7. No sexual activity shall occur between a Facilitator and client/patient during the complete course of the session, (Regression Healing will not work if any relevant party uses this method for the wrong reasons) - Any Facilitator with such intentions will be banned and black listed to protect clients.
  8. The Facilitator shall have a responsible attitude in retaining the good name of RH Facilitators by attention to virtue and personal conduct.
  9. Facilitators should keep up to date with material and innovations in that field of interest.
Learn more about Regression Healing in a Guided Meditation...

This Guided Meditation is a light Regression Healing session, it’s a great way to

  1. Prepare for any QHHT or RH Session
  2. Address and understand any ailment
  3. Visit as many life-times as you wish
  4. Get answers to any reasonable question
  5. Entrain your mind to get more out of any QHHT or Regression Healing session
  6. Visit life-times until you can do it unaided
  7. Train to successfully see within

A Guided Meditation




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