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Chris’ Track record

Chris Turner, bless you for our amazing session this past weekend!

listening to my copy of the tape and am stunned by some of the info, including what spiritual dimensions we are capable of being in NOW, and the implications for mankind.

Love, peace and joy...

My right shoulder is 100% again! so thrilled after months of energetic challenges with it with serious pain, lack of mobility impacting many activities of daily living.

no more frozen shoulder or hips, yaahhh!

the difference in my quality of life to no longer be in pain and how much more energy i have from not needing to constantly heal myself is fantastic.

my immense gratitude… Wendy Rose williams

Hi Chris,

Thank you! I think this is really a validation, to how you have laid out your course, in a straight forward, no nonsense way, that is easy for the student to understand & implement. Each stage of your process is broken down into distinct parts, that allows you to concentrate and absorb the information before moving on to the next part. This is what I believe makes your system so accessible to everyone.

I also respect the fact that you always reply to emails. This gives us new practitioners confidence, to raise queries when we need help / guidance, from someone who has had a ton of experience, & that we will get an email response, that is helpful and non judgemental.

I too was amazed at my last session, what a wondrous thing! It just goes to show that miracles do happen all around us - but go completely unnoticed by 99.9% of the world. ~ Matt

I would just like to say thank you to Chris Turner for the introduction to RH and this amazing journey ... I love every session that I have taken every client through - it is truly beautiful... here is a testimonial I received after today!

Today I reluctantly did a session via Skype. I always like to do things in person, so I was very hesitant and I have never done anything like this before. I went ahead and I am so thankful that I did!!! First off Marie's voice is perfect for this! The sound of it has a uniqueness on its own that easily took me on a fascinating journey of something I had never experienced before. I went into two past lives, the first a long time ago, the next one way further back than the first! I went into different dimensional levels as well as a temple of healing ( amazing) and a temple of wisdom ( where I met and merged with one of my guides) it was such an amazing experience and all in the comfort of my own home. I will for sure be doing this again and recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for some very important messages and answers! Still amazed about the experience I had today! I wanted to share this and let everyone know what a incredible journey I had and feel much more clear how to move forward in life with the help of these two life's lessons as well as clear messages from my guide and the temples! I give this experience the highest rating that is possible!!! Thank you so much! I will be returning for more wisdom and clarification!
Marie Martin

I have recently become a student in the Regression Healing Course, and I have to say, I am blown away by how these techniques get the client super relaxed and ready to go where ever they need to. My very first session was amazing! At first it seemed as if my subject was not in the mood, a little grumpy, and I thought that she may be resistant to the healing. I let her do what she needed to do, and about an hour and a half later, she was ready. I was a little nervous at first but kept calm, in control and confident. Unfortunately, my recorder was either in need of a battery change, or something didn't want this recorded, because of where she went. I haven't asked her permission yet to describe what happened publicly....yet! but WOW! This past life truly is something that we would need to know! She went to two past lives, and then I called forth the Light (doubtful about It's appearance because it was my first time) Instantly her voice became flat with a more serious tone..and it was incredible to ask questions about her healing to this amazing source! I was deeply humbled, extremely respectful and grateful for this Light Source to come through.

Healing on a level that we weren't to know at this time, occurred, and she was very grateful. My client felt the energy throughout her body, and it did fill the room...we were both super expanded for the rest of the day!

Everyone who is interested in healing should take this course.....Miracles happen in your presence!

Thank you Chris, for making this course available, it is truly remarkable, and I am honoured to be able to be of service. Love, Light and Blessings, MJC