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Alternative Ag Set




Includes Tracked Postage

Solar Ag+ ioniser



Despite the many talks on the importance of particulate size and and nano-particle absorption, experiments with milk and stagnant water have shown this device to be very adept at preventing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, even preventing the growth of bacteria such as lactococci and lactobacilli in milk, it can also Oxygenate stagnant bodies of water and in doing so will destroy anaerobic bacterium and organisms such as mosquito larvae.

Experimenting with this simple device one can only conclude that on top of the many other benefits of Ag-Ionising, "Oxygenating" a body of water with AgO alone can destroy harmful parasites, bacterium and organisms, due to the fact that any harmful organism in any body of water normally creates and or prefers an anaerobic (Oxygen free) environment, which starts the process of damage.

Experiments show that 3 hours making a solution (even with power confirmation LED on) can offer protection for up to 3 days after it has been used.

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The Solar Ag+-Ioniser (+Silver Colloid Pre-Cursor)
Solar Silver Solutions

Colloidal Silver for water purification has never been so economical!
Disclaimer: This is not a medical device, nor is it used to make medicine and although it is completely harmless. it is used to Positively Ionise, Oxygenate and therefore clean up bodies of stagnant or infected water.

Working on very low light levels, the Ag-Ioniser can make a solution that can Ionise, Oxygenate and clean up bodies of water containing harmful bacteria and organisms. Using De-ionised or distilled water you can also create a very powerful, sterilizing Solution.

The potentially "Lifetime" Colloidal / Ionic Ag-Ioniser (Unit/Box) should last indefinitely, the Solar Panel with good care can last more than 30 years and the Ag can last for many years, how many I am not certain but with the proper care of the rods one can extend the life span of the Anode and Cathode considerably. - The Ag-Ioniser Anode and Cathode are very easy to replace.

x2 Spare Ag Rods




Solar Ag-Ionizer




Silver Water Creator Instructions.pdf

Includes Tracked Postage

Includes Tracked Postage

All Silver (Ag) is 99.99% Fine Silver Round Wire - 1.50mm Fully Annealed