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Special Offers Learn more about Regression Healing + QHHT in a Guided Meditation...

This Guided Meditation is a light Regression Healing session, it’s a great way to…

  1. Prepare for any QHHT or RH Session
  2. Address and understand any ailment
  3. Visit as many life-times as you wish
  4. Get answers to any reasonable question
  5. Entrain your mind to get more out of any QHHT or Regression Healing™ session
  6. Visit life-times until you can do it unaided
  7. Train to successfully see within

A Guided Meditation by Chris Turner

Looking to have a QHHT or Regression Healing™ session but not sure if you’ll get anything meaningful?

Use this Guided Meditation audio download prior to a QHHT, Regression Healing™ or any Past Life Regression Session and make sure you get the most out of it ~ Chris

Join Regression Healing and QHHT Facilitators

A Guided Meditation





~ Learn Regression Healing™ ~

You can learn how to successfully take 99% of the human race into past lives to attain profound knowledge, enlightenment and well being. -  Regression Healing™ will always bring a greater understanding for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of their Souls journey and why they have had to experience certain scenarios in this current life-time

A Complete Past Life Regression Guide

Guide clients through the spirit realm

Guide clients successfully through a past lifetime

No prior knowledge of hypnosis required

Includes all Scripts + Audio Demonstrations

Very simple and easy to implement

Fully Downloadable Study/Practice

Conduct Sessions Online
Now downloadable to Mobile devices!

~ Please read all information below ~

Learning hypnosis via Regression Healing™.
With a little practice, you will learn quickly easily and exactly how
Past Life Regression Hypnosis works and gain a greater understanding as to why it works.

>> Health and Well Being:

>> Past Life Regression

>> Working with Source Intelligence/The Light - Physical and Spiritual Guidance -

>> Support

>> Requirements.

  1. You must have a pure intention and be willing to assist others with their well being, this method will not work if we intend to use it for any reason other than helping others.

>> Procedure:

 I welcome you all to an extremely beautiful and very profound aspect of creation and

I wish you the greatest success in all of your Regression Healing sessions - Chris

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If you wish to consult or chat with me about the Course or a Session on Skype, simply pay below (per hour) and I will email you with a time and date


Learn Regression Healing™

 (German Translation)



Package Includes:

1. A Guided Meditation by Chris Turner

2. Divine Medicine E-Books 1 & 2

Regression Healing™ Course +