Regression Healing ™ Course
by QHHT, hypno-therapy and
Regression Healing™ facilitator
 Chris Turner.

No Obligations!
Guide clients through the spirit realm
Guide clients successfully through lifetimes
Learn basic hypnosis & how it works
Includes all Scripts + Audio Demonstrations
Very simple and easy to implement
Fully Downloadable Study/Practice
Conduct Online RH Sessions with clients

Learn how to take virtually anyone into lifetimes which will have profound significance and the potential for the spontaneous remission of many ailments.

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Quantum Healing Centre.

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Regression Healing™ Course




Regression Healing™ Course Plus




Package Includes;

1. A Guided Meditation by Chris Turner

2. Divine Medicine books 1&2 by Chris

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 Divine Medicine Vol:2 and get Divine Medicine book 1

This Guided Meditation Audio by Chris Turner is a great way to:

  1. Empower any QHHT, PLR or RH Session
  2. PLR practitioners may add this to their package and share this audio with their clients (Special Copyright © Granted)
  3. Potentially address and or understand your ailments.
  4. Visit relevant life-times.
  5. Learn about life after life (Spirit Side)
  6. The perfect Visualization Aid / Training.
  7. Obtain answers to deep, personal questions


Suggested Donation

Regression Healing Course “Plus”
Divine Medicine book 1 and Vol:2
Adds very efficacious herbal and mineral
alternatives to your healing arsenal.

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1. To increase the stability of your Internet connection, use a (RJ45) or similar w
ired connection. (Image below) Do NOT use Wi-Fi !! This will also improve the audio quality.

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2. For signal integrity and quality recording purposes, the Session will be audio only, not video.
3. You will require at least 4 hours of undisturbed time.
3. Somewhere (like a bed) to lay down on.
4. Very comfortable fitting headphones.
5. A decent Microphone, the better the quality the better the recording.
7. 5-10 important and reasonable questions.

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We are a non profit organisation dedicated to service to others, researching and confirming the existence and power of the soul - I (Chris Turner) have had phenomenal success as a professional QHHT facilitator for over 5 years with a knowledge of hypnosis that goes back over 20 years. During my time as a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist, I have published over 14 free  books which adds to the growing anecdotal evidence that the Soul or Higher Self is a very real aspect of the human experience - During my practice/research I was shown other incredibly beautiful ways to attain well-being, physical and or mental for all my clients. I was also shown protocols that gave my clients access to the heavenly Realm of Light in the hereafter and what to do when we get there, this Light is magnetic to all Souls that leave the physical dimension this adds a very beautiful and profound layer of healing to the session - Because so many extra ways of healing were found I no longer need to practice QHHT. Due to the success of these new additions I now use and teach my own method of Past Life Regression Healing Hypnosis Called Regression Healing™

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