Due to Chris’ phenomenal success in the past life regression field. with guidance from almost 200 clients and observation, he has evolved beyond QHHT and is now able to teach his own method called Regression Healing™ which can facilitate the potential to remove any ailment from any client very effectively, it can also bring a greater understanding for anyone wishing to know about their Souls journey and why things are the way they are in their current life-time - This method is for those who wish to assist others with their well-being and or enlightenment - Whether used professionally, for spiritual advancement (ascension) or a little higher vibrational fun. if you are into helping others connect mind, body and spirit for mental and physical well being, then this course is definitely for you.

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~ Regression Healing ~

No knowledge of hypnosis required

Very easy to implement

Fully downloadable course


Regression Healing™ Course




Regression Healing™ Course Plus




Package Includes;

1. A Guided Meditation by Chris Turner

2. Divine Medicine books 1&2 by Chris

This Guided Meditation Audio by Chris Turner is a light Regression Healing session, it’s a great way to

  1.  Prepare for any QHHT or RH Session
  2. Address and understand ailments
  3. Visit your other life-times
  4. Get answers to any reasonable question
  5. Entrain your mind to get more out of any QHHT or Regression Healing session
  6. Visit life-times until you can do it unaided

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Chris Turner has been a successful professional QHHT facilitator for over 5 years with a knowledge of hypnosis that goes back over 20 years. He has also published over 14 books - During his practice both he and many of his QHHT colleagues found a few issues with the practice. we won’t go into depth but during his practice he was shown other ways to attain well-being for all his clients, and as a meticulous note taker, he wrote them all down. He was shown that past lives alone could bring well-being if conducted in the correct way, without the need to access the clients Subconscious (SC), which was problematic for many new QHHT practitioners. He was also given protocols that showed him how to enter into the heavenly Light in the hereafter that is magnetic to all Souls and what to do when we get there, this adds another layer of healing to the session - He is now teaching his own method of Hypnosis Called Regression Healing™ and he has many overjoyed and very satisfied students.

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Regression Healing Course “Plus”
Divine Medicine book 1 and Vol:2 adds very efficacious herbal and mineral alternatives to your healing arsenal.

 Divine Medicine Vol:2 and get Divine Medicine, check out This Link for more info’

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