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Chris Turner has been a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis facilitator (QHHT) since 2013, with almost 200 successful clients. He has knowledge of hypnosis that spans back over 20 years and he is now teaching his own very evolved method of Past Life Regression, for attaining wellness and profound Enlightenment for clients, friends and family, his method is called, Regression Healing™.

Chris has Published over 14 QHHT E books and now an Audio book, all containing some of his clients most fascinating past life stories, this includes information from 3 of his own personal sessions. These books form a testimonial to Chris’ success using QHHT. His current mission is to share his success and open up the doors for those that are willing to assist others in attaining well-being. Welcome in advance to an incredibly beautiful and very profound aspect of consciousness within creation..

Learn more about Regression Healing in a Guided Meditation...1. Heal yourself and understand any ailment. 2. Visit your other life times. 3. This audio is the perfect prequel to any PLR, QHHT or Regression Healing Session, Learn More

A Guided Meditation by Chris Turner

QHHT Client (Past Life) Stories

Audio Book now available (free)

Read  QHHT and RH past life regression adventures for free

All books are attained using both QHHT (Dolores Cannons method) and
Chris’ Regression Healing™ technique.

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QHHT and Regression Healing

QHHT + RH Testimonials

      “ I had a PERFECT session today 😁

It blew me away, really. It was such a profound experience for my client it was hard to not become emotional myself! I've expressed gratitude to you before, but I really am just filled with so much gratitude and happiness and love to be able to do this. My second session and I know absolutely this is what I want to do forever. Chris RasNamaste Turner I can't express it enough, THANK YOU!

       “I was amazed at my last session, what a wondrous thing! It just goes to show that miracles do happen all around us - but go completely unnoticed by 99.9% of the world.” ~ Matt

      “I would just like to say thank you to Chris Turner for the introduction to Regression Healing and this amazing journey ... I love every session that I have taken every client through - it is truly beautiful... here is a testimonial I received after today!” Read more

Learn Regression Healing™

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Divine Medicine Vol:2 by Chris Turner QHHT.RH Divine Medicine by Chris Turner QHHT.RH +

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