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Quantum Healing Centre

This Guided Meditation audio download is a light Regression Healing session and a great way to…

  1. Prepare for any QHHT or RH Session
  2. Address and understand ailments
  3. Visit as many life-times as you wish
  4. Get answers to any reasonable question
  5. Entrain your mind to get more out of any QHHT™ or Regression Healing™ session
  6. Visit life-times until you can do it unaided
  7. Train to successfully see within
Regression Healing A Guided Meditation


Wendy Rose Williams: I love Chris' Regression Healing Guided Meditation! I Find it highly effective, easy and fun to use. I found 2 past lives quickly that correlated to the exact issue I was having. The meditation helped me release a recurring pattern from multiple lives of a painful/ crippled/ damaged right foot so I may free myself up to fly… I am recommending clients purchase and work with Chris' Guided Meditation MP3 for multiple scenarios:

  1. If you have not meditated before;
  2. Are questioning "Is anything really going to happen/ change from my session";
  3. If you live too far from a hypno-therapist to easily have a session,
  4. If you are working to manifest the funds for an in-person or online session.

Great job, Chris, this is a super-useful tool.

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A Guided Meditation